International Doctoral Courses and Seminars in Health Economics and Policy

The program offers advanced courses in health economics and policy, complemented by seminars and workshops with leading international experts. The courses provide advanced and practical training in the analytical tools required to address pertinent research questions in health economics along with insights and examples from current developments in the field. The program offers 9 courses offered in a 1.5 year timespan. The qualification “Specialisation in Health Economics” is awarded if a student successfully completes 6 courses (18 ECTS).

The cost of the total program is 1'500 EUR, individual courses cost 300 EUR.

The program is open for PhD students from Swiss as well as foreign universities who wish to enhance their specific knowledge and sharpen capabilities in the field of health economics and policy. Researchers with a PhD in economics and related disciplines as well as health researchers with a significant interest in economics can also be admitted.

The program is offered within the framework of the  Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+). Partners from the Universities of Basel, Lausanne, Lugano, Lucerne and Zurich, the Federal Technical School of Zurich as well as the «Ecole Romande de Santé Publique» will offer specialized courses, in collaboration with leading experts from abroad.